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What are the statistics on the effectiveness of hypnosis?

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Applicable Hypnotherapy Legislation by Federal/State

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Hypnosis as a Treatment of Chronic Widespread Pain in General Practice: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial

Policies And Guidance Notes

Code Of Ethics

Every member of the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia has agreed to abide by the following code.

PHA Inc – Handbook and Code of Ethics 5.0.0_Final

PHA Policy – Professional Supervision and Mentoring


PHA Policy relating to professional supervision and mentoring

PHA – Policy – Professional Supervision_Mentoring

PHA Policy – Non-Member Complaint Receipt


PHA Policy on action to be taken if/when a complaint about a non-PHA member is received.

PHA – Policy – Non-Member Complaint Receipt

National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers


Health Ministers met in Sydney and considered the final report A National Code of Conduct for health care workers and the results of a national consultation on standards of conduct for all health care workers who are not registered under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for health practitioners. 

Read more in attached PDF

PHA Guidance Note 001 – Provision of Notes to Client


Guidance note relating to requests for the provision of client notes, or access to view client notes.

PHA Guidance Note – 001 – Prov of Copies of Records to Client

PHA Guidance Note 002 – The Use of Touch by Hypnotherapist


Guidance note offering advice and points to consider regarding the use of touch during a hypnotherapy session.

PHA Guidance Note – 002 – Use of Touch

PHA Guidance Note 003 – Potential Suicidal Client


Guidance advice on how to deal with and what to do regarding a suspected suicidal client.

PHA Guidance Note – 003 – Potential Suicide

PHA Guidance Note 004 – Hypnotherapy Conducted Using Video Technology


Hypnotherapy Conducted Using Video Technology

PHA Guidance Note-004-Hypnotherapy Conducted Using Video Technology