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Rick Collingwood

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  • Founder of Mind Motivations & The Australian Academy of Hypnosis

  • Hypnotist, Hypnosis Trainer, Lecturer, Public Speaker, Author

  • Dip Hypnosis, Dip Adv Hypnosis, Dip 1-2 Counselling, Dip Mental Health, B.A.Counselling, Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment

Rick is one of the world’s leading professional clinical therapeutic hypnotists. He is an internationally renowned Celebrity Hypnotist, Hypnosis Trainer, Mesmerist, Author, Counsellor, Public Speaker, Sales Motivator, Corporate Speaker, and the founder of Mind Motivations™ & The Australian Academy of Hypnosis™.

Using his own unique therapeutic hypnosis techniques Rick has personally assisted countless thousands of people from all walks of life; facing challenges such as stress disorders, nicotine and drug dependency, gambling, addiction, pain management, depression, panic disorder, insomnia, motivation, chronic fatigue syndrome, and many other various behavioural challenges. . His client list includes international Movies Stars, Sales Motivators, Commercial Airline Pilots, Psychologists, Medical Professionals, Business People, Home makers and Children.

Due to his knowledge of hypnosis and his speaking prowess Rick is a sought after media guest and Rick has appeared on national and international television, including Channel 9s “A Current Affair” and Kerri Anne Kennerley, Channel 7s “Today Tonight”, Channel 10’s 9AM with David & Kim, Optus Vision, Bris 31, and the ABC.

Rick was the initial President and Founding Member of the Western Australia Hypnotists Association – WAHA. He was instrumental in bringing about the deregulation of hypnosis in Western Australia and has single-handedly raised the profile of hypnosis significantly here in Western Australia, nationally and internationally.

Rick Collingwood was the first PHWA/PHA life-member and more can be read about Rick at

Patricia Barker

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Patricia Barker was Born in the U.K. and got a scholarship for entry to Hammersmith Polytechnic (now University) in London where she trained to become a Diplomatic Secretary for the new Department in Switzerland. Whilst training she worked for Pearl and Dean Film Advertising and met an Australian student also training to be a Second Engineer in Marine studies, married him and arrived in Sydney, Australia. Patricia became John Holden’s of G.M.Holden cars secretary in Adelaide and was working with them when her husband was killed at sea in Broome, W.A. She had two children at the time and eventually met and married her second husband who was English and had a Cabinet Making factory in Adelaide. The factor burned down and they returned to the U.K. where they bought and ran hotels.

Patricia then studied Astrology through Oxford University which created her interest in Philosophy and The Humanities. After returning to Australia they settled in Adelaide where Patricia worked as a Co-ordinator in Respite Care and became very involved in Meditation and taught this for many years in Adelaide, Sydney and West Australia. She went back to studies and became a Real Estate Licensee and Business Agent which she eventually taught at TAFE in Liverpool, Sydney. Patricia has taught Meditation and Past Life Regressions for forty five years.

Due to her husband’s deteriorating health, they advised to live in West Australia because of the drier climate. Patricia has always been clairvoyant (a family trait which strangely enough was accepted by the Catholic Church in England) and her first clients in Mandurah were Roy and Grace Mallard. She foresaw that severe injustice was going to happen to their son Andrew and within two months it all came true when he was accused of murder and arrested. Roy and Grace became very strong friends with Patricia and she did a lot of writing and legal work for them. At this time when reading The Nova magazine Patricia read about Rick Collingwood and after discussing it with Grace she contacted Rick with a view to him hypnotising Andrew in prison where he was serving a thirty year sentence. Rick came to Perth and confirmed that Andrew had not committed the murder for which he had been found guilty. Having met with Rick and discussing different topics he told her that the Past Life Regressions were in reality hypnotherapy and he invited her to become a student with his Academy. Patricia accepted and together with Rick they created WAHA. The first meeting was organised and it only entailed eight members, Rick become the first President but as he was becoming so busy he resigned and Patricia was voted in and became President for the next four years.

The Psychology Board were very against lay-hypnotists so WAHA became an organisation under Common Law rules and could not be challenged under either State or Federal laws. WAHA then challenged the Psychology Board and the government.

Fifteen years ago her husband died and she opened up her Hypnotherapy Centre, New Horizons and for a few years we had nine practitioners. It was a very happy little band and they formed our own little association and met every month to discuss and teach various aspects of the modality.

For Patricia it has been a very interesting journey!

The PHA Committee was very pleased to provide Patricia with a Life-Members award at the 2010/2011 AGM in acknowledgement of her contribution to hypnosis & hypnotherapy. Patricia is a valued member of PHA.

Allan Henshaw

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Allan Henshaw first started with hypnosis when he saw an article about Rick Collingwood in the West Australian. His only interest in hypnosis up to that point had been a failed attempt to stop smoking.

His then wife had been successful in stopping smoking through hypnosis and, as a result, she insisted that Allan went along as well. Being a total sceptic he was amazed to see his arm lifting of its own accord during the induction, and was intrigued by the sleepy state that he experienced when he came out of the trance. He was hooked on hypnosis – but still smoked cigars!

Allan spent 30 years in the Royal Air Force before leaving to emigrate to Australia in May 1993. As a squadron leader in the Administrative Branch of the RAF about to be promoted he could see the “writing on the wall” as the Service started contracting following the end of the ‘cold war’.

During his service he managed to get around most parts of the world and was closely involved in some of the aspects of operations in Aden, the Falklands, and the first Gulf War. Perhaps his biggest “claim to fame” came in 1985 when he was the escort to the Princess of Wales during her first ever military engagement when she visited RAF Wittering, the Harrier base near Peterborough, on being made Honorary Air Commodore of the base.

Having arrived in Australia he was first employed as manager of the Northam Race Club, knowing nothing about thoroughbred horse racing! He thenwas asked to manage an aircraft maintenance company based at Northam airfield. Thesweetener used to lure him was the promise of flying lessons. As a result of that he spent a lot of time test flying aircraft following maintenance and also fetching and delivering aircraft from the many pastoral stations in the Murchison, Gascoyne, Goldfields and North West areas. On a couple of occasions he also had to deliver aircraft to the Sydney and Melbourne areas. Also during this time he completed 6 years on the Toodyay Shire Council, four of which were as Shire President.

Following his hypnotism training Allan decided not to set up a permanent business but to offer a unique “at home” service. He feels that some clients are far more relaxed in a home setting – although it takes a bit of ingenuity sometimes to achieve the right ambience. It also gives him a chance to talk to other family members who may be a bit apprehensive. His client base is mainly ‘word of mouth’ and he says it is truly surprising just how many clients can result from one previous client.

Allan has been active in the West Australian hypnosis association since the very beginning; whether it be in its guise as WAHA, PHWA or PHA. He was elected as Vice President in August 2008 and became de facto President about half way through the year because of the unavailability of the President at that time. He was elected President in his own right in August 2009 and handed over the reins to Michael Werts in 2010. Allan’s relaxation didn’t last long however as he was again made Vice President in 2011 and has remained in that role since then.

Having attended the initial meeting in Sydney in 2010 to discuss the setting up of a national organisation he was co-opted to the Working Group to establish the organisation. At the meeting in Brisbane in June 2011 which formally established the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia, Allan was elected as the Treasurer. He has held this post since its inception and also represents PHA as its delegate to HCA.

Allan remarried in October 2007 to Alison and they headed for Las Vegas to do the deed. He no longer smokes!

Michael Werts

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It would be fair to say that Michael enjoyed a very eclectic professional history on his way to finding hypnotherapy. A journey that, though quite varied, has actually provided a very sold foundation for his interpersonal and professional treatments with clients.

At 18 years of age and exactly one month to the day after marrying the love of his life, he swore allegiance to Queen and Country and enlisted in the Australian Regular Army. Enlistment was for a 3 year period; he discharged 21 years later. Initially allocated to The Royal Australian Signals Corps he lived firstly in Melbourne where his son Anthony was born and then moved to Toowoomba that saw Anthony’s brother Matthew join the traveling road-show. After almost 3 years in Signals he transferred to The Australian Intelligence Corps and developed expertise in two professional aspects; Counter-Intelligence work and jokes about Military Intelligence work (“Military Intelligence…a contradiction in terms”).

The transfer to Intelligence saw the family group relocate to Canberra for their first of two stints in the National Capital. Canberra was the location that the Stork decided to deliver their daughter Jo-Hanna. After that, Michael managed to find the Storks day-time hiding place and launch a surprise attack ending the Stork’s relationship with the family. Over the next 17 years the family lived in Toowoomba (again), Brisbane, Gold Coast (Canungra), Darwin and Canberra (again). Realizing that age was fast catching up with him and that soldiering is fundamentally a young-persons game, he discharged and was appointed to a position as the Deputy- Director and later the Director of Student Administration at the University of Canberra.

While living in Darwin, Michael’s wife Lonai began studying toward a Social Work degree that was completed in Canberra. Lonai’s studies initiated Michael’s interest in psychological issues. Lonai completed her degree in Canberra and Michael completed his Post-Graduate studies while working at the University.

After 5 years at the University, he was successful in appointment to a senior public service position with the Commonwealth Office of Transport Security. During his time in this role he travelled extensively, mostly to UK, USA, Singapore and Canada and as a result of implementing Transport Security initiatives he was invited to attend a Las Vegas international conference as the Key-Note speaker.

As a result of his work with the Office of Transport Security, he was head-hunted and offered appointment to an executive level position with Woodside Energy. This saw the Michael and Lonai relocate to Perth WA; a move that saw the last of the children (Jo-Hanna) remain behind in Canberra and Michael and Lonai buy the “Official Empty-Nesters” T-Shirts.

It was in Perth that Michael decided to further explore his interest in matters of the mind and these explorations let him to Rick Collingwood and the Australian Academy of Hypnosis. This was a life changing experience from two perspectives; he found the one job he truly loved doing and met a chap that became one of his very best friends.

Since making the transition to hypnotherapy Michael has taught initial and advanced courses in Melbourne Victoria, been the President of the Professional Hypnotists of Western Australia; an organization that he took from being WA based to the national Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia, managed his successful Mind Elevation hypnotherapy and Counselling practice in Joondalup WA and relocated back to the area he and Lonai grew-up in to semi-retire; Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Michael and Lonai’s children have all married, live in Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide and Michael and Lonai are awaiting the arrival of their seventh grandchild. Michael continues to enjoy assisting people through hypnotherapy. He also enjoys playing the guitar/singing and is an active member of the Gold Coast Acoustic Music Club. He and Lonai have also fallen in-love with cruising and try to take a cruising holiday at least a couple of times per year.

Besides being honoured by being the President of PHA, Michael has also filled the role of Policy Officer and developed a number of policy and guideline documents. Though semi-retired, Michael does not think he will ever cease hypnotherapy and will continue to contribute to, add and hopefully expand the body of knowledge that is clinical hypnosis.