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The Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc. (PHA) is a member organisation of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA). The HCA ( is the peak representation body for hypnotherapy in Australia.

The PHA aims to maintain and standardise a level of professional qualification and competence of hypnotherapists and hypnotherapy. Our purpose is to promote the benefits of hypnotherapy as an important tool in personal change for our clients.

Importantly, PHA is here to provide information, peer support and ongoing training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy to our members. Meetings and training sessions are held monthly and we have a thriving “buddy” system.

A Welcome Message from the Chairperson

Welcome to the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc (PHA) website. 
Whether you are a hypnotherapist seeking information regarding the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia, or a member of the public seeking information on hypnotherapy this website is designed to assist you with the information you seek. 
The PHA is a professional organisation for hypnotherapists located Australia wide. One of its primary roles is to advocate on behalf of hypnotherapists to continue the ongoing improvement of hypnotherapy services to the public. The PHA prides itself on its continual focus to assist hypnotherapists to maintain excellent standards of practice. This includes access to educational development programs and provision for ongoing supervision by experienced hypnotherapists.
Finding a hypnotherapist who is fully accredited can be a difficult process in Australia given the lack of Government regulation. If you are a member of the public reading this article, you may not be aware that in Australia you may call yourself a hypnotist after a three day hypnosis course. This is most disconcerting for both the general public and for fully qualified professional hypnotherapists. Your wellbeing and the reputation of the craft, is of primary concern to the PHA and it is for this reason that we push for hypnotherapists to be appropriately accredited, insured and supervised. 
You can be confident that the members of the PHA have completed the requirements for professional hypnotherapy practices; they have achieved the appropriate training and supervision, are professionally insured and that private health cover available for clients with the appropriate insurance cover. 
If you are seeking a hypnotherapist, please click onto our directory to find a therapist in your location or who specialises in what you are seeking. 

Lee-Anne Raeside - Chairperson

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