About the PHA

The Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc. (PHA) is a member organisation of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA). The HCA (www.hypnotherapycouncilofaustralia.com) is the peak representation body for hypnotherapy in Australia.

The PHA aims to maintain and standardise a level of professional qualification and competence of hypnotherapists and hypnotherapy. Our purpose is to promote the benefits of hypnotherapy as an important tool in personal change for our clients.

Importantly, PHA is here to provide information, peer support and ongoing training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy to our members. Meetings and training sessions are held monthly and we have a thriving “buddy” system.

A Welcome Message from the Chairperson

Hello and welcome to the PHA Inc. website.

Whether you are a hypnotherapist seeking information regarding the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia, or a member of the public seeking information on hypnotherapy or a hypnotherapist, this website should provide you with the information and the answers that you seek. The PHA is professional organisation for hypnotherapists located Australia wide. Our membership is made up of Professional Hypnotherapists, Social Workers, Psychologists and other allied health care providers.

There is currently no government regulation or restrictions preventing anyone from calling themselves a hypnotherapist or conducting a hypnotherapy practice. This means that a wide range of qualifications, or indeed an absolute lack of any qualifications, can be used to advertise hypnotherapy services.

It is unfortunate that some people without any knowledge, training or abilities have advertised hypnotherapy services and provide poor quality, unprofessional and inappropriate treatments to unsuspecting members of the public. PHA members have all completed recognised hypnosis courses and have met with the minimum training requirements for membership. In addition to this, our members must maintain professional development throughout each calendar year, adhere to an approved Code of Ethics and maintain ongoing professional indemnity insurance and first aid qualifications. Our members are able to apply for and be listed on the Australian National Hypnotherapy Register.

By selecting a PHA member for hypnotherapy services, you can be confident that you will receive treatment from a person who has undertaken quality training, applies a professional standard to their practice and continually develops their professional skills and abilities. Our list of current members is available under the "Directory" link at the top of this page.

I would strongly caution anyone from enlisting the services of a hypnotherapist in WA who is not listed on these pages or the pages of other authorised professional hypnotherapy organisations - some may be very good hypnotherapists, but unless they are a member of PHA or one of the other associations, there can be no guarantees and the alternative is just not worth the risk!

Thank you for visiting the PHA website and if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask one of our Committee Members.

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